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Ginger Hair Growth Oil 30 ML

Ginger Hair Growth Oil 30 ML

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*Product Name: Ginger Hair Growth Oil 30 ML (Pack of 2)

*Package Contains: 2

*Product Quantity: 30 ml

*Hair Type: All Hair

*Type Form: Liquid

*Ideal for: Women

*Weight: 400 Gms

*Usage/ Benefits: Hair Growth Oil using Ginger King, Polygonum, Grape Seed Oil as a raw material, which promote the healthy development of hair and scalp.

*Hair becomes dense and supple after a few uses.

*Ginger Oil dip an appropriate amount of essential oil on the scalp, then massage with your fingertips for 2-3 minutes until absorbed.

*Ginger Oil can be used for hair loss after hair dye, slow hair growth, inelastic, kinky hair, hair that is easy to break, rough.

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